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Unlocking Data & AI talent. Crafted for hiring precision.

Transparency in every step, showcasing top Data & AI professionals, and streamlining your hiring process. That's recruitment with Zuma Recruitment, your Data & AI recruitment agency.

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Why Zuma?



No smoke and mirrors. We

act as true partners giving you all the information you need for securing great talent.



Keeping things fresh to make sure top talent is always aware of your opportunities while we continuously improve processes. 



We love this niche and focus on nothing else. We put all our energy into Data & AI, to make sure you reach your goals.

The Right Way To Recruit

Providing you with all the tools and advice you need to access great talent and get your team to where they need to be


Finding you the right position at the right time. Giving you the opportunity to fulfil your potential, and the insights to get you there


What they say...

What a treat it was to work with ZUMA, for over a year while they supported us in some of the most demanding engineering and data positions we had at the time at SumUp. If I could give them six stars, I would! 

Besides their deep knowledge of data and engineering, outstanding attention to detail, and world-class candidate experience, ZUMA also built strong relationships with all the hiring managers. 

I could not recommend ZUMA more! Thank you for being absolute GEMs!


Head of People


ZUMA are stellar recruiters - if you can get your hands on them, go for it.

I had the pleasure of working closely with ZUMA to fill two key positions at Hier Foods. They were quick to onboard themselves, get a grasp of the culture and independently plan their onboarding to get to know the requirements and key decision-makers for this role. Candidates reported to us that they thoroughly enjoyed interacting with ZUMA during the recruitment process


Senior Product Manager


When ZUMA say "quality over quantity", they actually mean it.

They understand the big picture and the nuances. They know their roles and they have the right instincts. Most importantly, they understand business and how TA ties into business objectives (and the pivots that inevitably happen in the start-up environment).

Working with them has been a breeze and it sets a new bar for how recruiting agency delivery. Big thanks to ZUMA for helping us scale our AI squad here!


Head of People


Zuma were instrumental in me obtaining a new role in Berlin, and I can honestly say they are the best recruitment agency I have worked with. They were great at communicating directly and succinctly throughout the entire interview process, and I felt that they genuinely had my best interests at heart.
Zuma clearly provide that "personal" touch. All the roles that were forwarded to me as opportunities were genuinely interesting and relevant, which shows how tailored their approach is


Senior Data Scientist


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Zuma Recruitment
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