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Finding Data and AI talent made easy.

Zuma specializes in Data & AI, ensuring companies find the best candidates. For businesses needing top Data & AI talent, we speed up hiring with transparency and connect you to the people you need.

Tailored to you.

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Tackle your toughest hiring challenges with the power of our premium search. This specialized approach empowers you to access the highest calibre of candidates. Our experienced team will dedicate their expertise and resources solely to your search, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your critical roles.

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Elevate your recruitment efforts and attract the brightest minds with our partnership agreement. This tailored approach aligns our shared investment with your unique needs, empowering us to source, engage, and secure top-tier talent for your most challenging senior roles. Our proactive engagement ensures that you have a dedicated partner every step of the way, continuously connecting you with top talent.

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Searching for a relationship

Looking for the best of the best?

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With no upfront commitment, this service is designed to save you time and money. You will have access to a wider pool of candidates through our extensive network and experience, and our team will work efficiently to present you with suitable candidates as quickly as possible.

This subscription model is the most cost-effective way of hiring, reducing cost per hire over an extended period. We sit alongside you in the team to get you to your hiring goals. This is highly valuable when planning for a sustained period of growth, or if you do not yet have a mature Talent Acquisition function in your company.

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Planning a good amount of growth

Need a quick fix?

Ready to take your 
hiring seriously?

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